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Men’s Skin Health

-- Zoë Men have unique challenges with their skin that often go unaddressed because they may be unaware of the treatments available. If you are procrastinating finding a solution to your skin concerns, address your

Pre & Post Treatment Guidelines

Pre-Treatment Instructions Do NOT consume alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours prior to treatment (alcohol may thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising) Avoid anti-inflammatory/blood thinning medications, if possible for a period

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

Pixel Laser Resurfacing Pixel Laser Resurfacing is designed to improve the quality and texture of the skin while it stimulates collagen regeneration - all without the downtime associated with classical skin resurfacing. Skin conditions

Benefits of Sauna + Massage

The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Paired with Massage Salt Water offers private full spectrum infrared sauna sessions as a compliment to our other services. Massage is an ideal pairing with the sauna and regardless

Why SkinCeuticals?

Why we chose SkinCeuticals -- Alicia & Zoë   2019 has brought many changes to the Spa, none being more exciting than the arrival of SkinCeuticals! SkinCeuticals is a product line we have worked

Medical vs Cosmetic

Is My Skin Concern Only Cosmetic? There are now many places, outside of the traditional doctor’s clinic, for patients to seek treatment for their skin conditions, hair loss, sweating, moles, age spots, acne, or

Massage when Ill?

Should you get a massage when you are suffering from an illness? Although massage does boost the immune system and relieve your tension, when your body is already fighting off a virus due to

Benefits of Massage Therapy

On any given day, a Relaxation Massage is one of the most calming gifts we can give our over-stressed selves. Therapeutic Massage, or Sport Therapy, is intended to identify and treat specific concerns that are

Explore Raindrop Therapy

A favorite of our clients, Raindrop Therapy combines 9 pure therapeutic grade essential oils with massage to create a relaxing, indulgent experience meant to restore your health and detoxify your body. What Happens During a Raindrop Massage? Your treatment

Adult Acne VS Teen Acne

You survived high school. You sailed through college. Your breakouts were still showing up in your twenties. But you hit your thirties and your acne is still flaring up, and you thought you would be

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every woman, but along with carrying a new life inside you, your skin, hair and nails experience many changes. It is natural to wonder what you can do about

Health Benefits of Flotation

Flotation therapy is a unique and relaxing escape from daily stress, and a natural way to heal the body and mind. A thousand pounds of salt are dissolved into a tub of body temperature

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