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Massage Therapy is a powerful medium that has been used for centuries, and it serves you on every human level. Our Massage Therapists have repeatedly helped clients who have “tried everything” and “learned to live with pain”. They are results-oriented professionals who look forward to helping you get back to living a full life!

All Massages are administered in our clinic by Registered Massage Therapists and are fully insurable.

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Sport Therapy / Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage

We use orthopedic assessments and testing to identify the exact muscles, tendons, and ligaments that require deep massage therapy, lengthening, or strengthening. This is followed by deep, targeted tissue release that will have you feeling better in one hour!

2 Hour session $175
90 minute session $120
60 minute session $90

Must Call to Book:
25 minute stress massage $49
30 minute session $65

PRE/POSTnatal massage

PREnatal massage is specifically directed toward the changing needs of a mother as her baby grows.  It has proven to help alleviate lower back pain, tension, stress, swollen ankles, paresthesia, hip pain, headaches, and easier birthing and recovery time.

POSTnatal massage supports a women’s body in regaining pre-pregnancy condition.

90 minute session $120
60 minute session $90

Jade Stone

Jade Stones can be heated or cooled and are placed on or under the body as well as used directly for massage. This combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. When using stones, the therapist can work deep into the muscle tissue to release muscle tension and localized pain without any discomfort. Chilled stones provide just as powerful of a massage as heated stones. When used together, it can create a feeling of a vascular flush to constrict and release blood vessels.

60 minute session $120
90 minute session $155

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy is the gentle application of pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. Everyone will experience the Raindrop Technique differently, depending on his or her body.  Recipients may experience fatigue, increased energy, emotional release, or other short-term effects.

60 minute session $120
90 minute session $150