Corey Darling

Registered Massage Therapist

Having sustained a personal injury 7 years ago during a transport accident it was massage therapy that rehabilitated Corey. This personal experience allows him to empathize with others living with chronic pain. During his personal recovery through treatment, a light switched on and he wanted to give back what he had been given and begin to help heal others as well. His philosophy:

“No one needs to live with pain.”

A graduate of a 3000 hour RMT program of Advanced Massage Therapy and Orthopedic Assessment, Corey is trained in various modalities ranging from basic relaxation to deep-tissue and cross-fiber friction. Slowly working his way through the tissue in a gentle way most of his clients are unaware of how deep his technique truly is. Corey has also trained in the following techniques: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping and Lymphatic Drainage, as well as, more relaxing techniques such as hot/cold stone, bamboo massage, Thai Stem therapy, prenatal/postnatal care of woman, and Sport Massage.

Corey is an award winning student and true professional held in good standing with the Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association (CRMTA).