Mesotherapy for Chin Sculpting

Mesotherapy is an injection of deoxycholic acid (a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps to break down and absorb dietary fat), which reduces submental (under the chin) fat and redefines your jawline, effectively eliminating your double chin without surgery.


What to Expect

The treatment, which includes approximately 20 injections, takes 10 minutes plus 30 – 45 minutes of numbing. There may be some initial discomfort, numbness, tightness, and itching post treatment most of which will typically pass within hours. For most clients, the most troublesome side effect of this treatment is swelling of the treated area, which can be quite significant. Although swelling will be present for a couple weeks, it is typically only noticeable for a few days. The area will most likely feel numb for up to a few weeks.

Q & A

After swelling, the next concern for clients is ‘Will my skin sag after treatment‘. It depends… The inflammation from your treatment will cause the area to swell for several days, which in turn causes the skin in that area to tighten up. So, although some tightening will occur, it is not a replacement for a surgical neck lift.

We have seen some nice results from tripollar RF treatments for tightening the neck and chin area. Discount packages are available if you would like to add RF to your package.

Other Areas – Pockets of fat, like those under the chin, arm, knee and abdomen area that are extremely difficult to lose can also be treated.

Consultations are required before booking this treatment.


For best results, we offer three treatments spaced approximately one month apart.

Package of 3: $1200

Add 8 RF Treatments to your package: $400

This treatment is similar to Belkyre and Kybella